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Sun 8 Sep 14:00 - 15:00 SRE Room


We are heading into a world were the files of most users are hosted by 4 big companies in the US. This is the case for most home users, companies but also education and research institutions. If we want to keep our sovereignty over our data, protect our privacy and prevent vendor lock-in then we need open source self hosted and federated alternatives. The internet and the web use a distributed and federated architecture. Now we have to make sure that cloud services follow the same model.
A new challenge is the increasing blending of application hosting and storage as seen at Office 365 and Google Suite. This has the danger to lead to a very strong vendor lock-in.
The future of open source cloud: this talk will discuss the ongoing trends in this areas and possible solutions. It will also give an overview of newest Nextcloud features and the long term roadmap to provide an alternative to centralized services. The future of open source cloud: The talk will also discuss the challenges and opportunities with building an open source based product, community and company. The talk will be in Engish

Frank Karlitschek | Founder and managing director @Nextcloud GmbH

Frank Karlitschek is a long time open source contributor and former board member of the KDE e.V. He managed engineering teams for over 20 years and worked as head of unit and managing director at different internet companies. In 2001 he created the openDesktop.org social network for Linux Desktop users. He founded ownCloud in 2010 and the successor Nextcloud in 2016 to create a fully open source and decentralized alternative to big centralized cloud companies. Frank is passionate about Open Source and user privacy. In 2012 he initiated the User Data Manifesto to define basic human right regarding personal data. Frank was an invited expert at the W3C to help to create the ActivityPub standard. Frank has spoken at MIT, CERN, Harvard and ETH and keynoted LinuxCon, Latinoware, FOSSASIA, Campus Party and many other conferences. Frank is the founder and CEO of Nextcloud GmbH. He is also a fellow of Open Forum Europe and an advisor to the United Nations.

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