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Sun 8 Sep 11:00 - 14:00 Experience Area


We’re proud to present the new version of Project Proxima City 2019: a smart, connected, autonomous City built with Arduino boards and sensors, Raspberry Pi’s gateway capabilities, LEGO bricks and the Oracle Cloud Services. A city model designed for citizens and visitors, easy to navigate with Apps and Chatbots, easy to manage thanks to Oracle Cloud Services (IoT, Stream Analytics, Serverless frameworks, Chatbots, Machine Learning) and easy to analyze via intuitive Data Visualization dashboards.

Fabrizio Marini | Master Principal Sales Consultant and Innovation Solution Team

Fabrizio Marini joined Oracle in 2008, he is a Master Principal Sales Consultant and actually he is part of the Innovation Solution Team. In 2003 he joined Bea Systems where he specialized itself in the most complex distributed architectures in high reliability. In 1996 he founded K-Tech srl, a company specialized in the Java Enterprise world. In 1996 he realized his first Java application, a cartographic applet to manage some operations of Envisat Satellite. He has been a Java / Java EE teacher for IBM, Sun, Oracle and Bea Systems. When he is not talking on Microservices and Cloud Architecture he spends his free time in endurance sports.

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