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Sat 7 Sep 14:00 - 15:00 Developer Room


Serverless technologies offer a new way to deal with infrastructure in the cloud, with a different approach that affects both technical development and costs. Knative, an open source project started in mid-2018, is emerging as a foundation for adding serverless capabilities on top of Kubernetes and OpenShift.
But companies still struggle to find a path for adopting such technologies and integrating them with their existing applications. In this session, I’ll present Apache Camel K, a platform that brings Red Hat Fuse integration capabilities in the serverless world.
Camel K allows Camel domain-specific language (DSL) code to run directly on top of any Knative-powered cluster, using serverless capabilities such as auto-scaling, scaling to zero, and event-based communication—and at the same time, connecting the serverless island with the outside.

Luca Burgazzoli | Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat

Luca is a Principal Software Engineer working at Red Hat in the Fuse team where he work on open source software like Apache Camel, Syndesis and the newly created Apache Camel K

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